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As a Daughter of the King operating in her position of Son-ship, Joann has been given downloads through her personal relationship with Jesus to release keys and the blueprints over the lives of Kingdom believers. Coming from a broken past, she had a radical transformation through the Blood of Jesus and now walks the walk of her true heavenly identity.

Invite Joann to your gathering, church, corporate meetings, family, your own business or event to speak and learn the keys and tools to:

  • Learn and release the God-given map & blueprints over your life

  • Release the blueprints over your land or nation, including prayer walking and anointing the land

  • Learn your legislative calling in the Mobile Courts of Heaven

  • Receive personal ministry for you and/or one-on-one ministry for your church/gathering members or even your place of business

  • Move in your Kingdom Identity and learn the pathway to Son-ship

Her easy to follow teachings help you to understand the deeper things of God as you move into your life’s calling. Out of intimacy and love, the Hope of Glory shows up as she teaches, bringing the provision of Jesus in the areas of healing and deliverance. Invite Joann to speak and watch as your life will never be the same!

Hosting Requirements: Joann will email the details of hosting her such as flight, transportation, housing and food and certain minor details.. Thank you!

Offer ONLINE conferences all over the world. Modern technology provides a way where there is no way. EXCITING!

NOTE: It mentions “How many attendees in your church?” If you are a family, small group, business or corporate etc… then just go ahead and mention the number of those who will be intending and then below in the box labeled “What do you expect out of Joann’s teaching” state who you are and your company etc.. and tell me your expectations. I like to keep things simple, so lets keep this simple, man over complicates.

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