Personal session & Book Testimonies


    My husband Reed and I are so grateful to have met wonderful Joann!! She is an anointed woman of God, filled with the love of Jesus and a true blessing to the body of Christ!!  Her book,  “Navigating the Ashes” is such a powerful testimony of the Father’s redemption and love. The detailed prayers included are especially helpful to unlock doors and bring freedom. Filled with deep revelations and profound keys, this book is an invaluable resource bringing hope and life to all who read it!! ~ Cari & Reed Channell

  • Thank you beloved Joann for the “Navigating The Ashes” book. I am honored and grateful for you.Joann is a profound, gifted, anointed, inspirational warrior women of YHVH. She is driven by love and compassion for YHVH saints to set the captives FREE. I’ve personally experienced many manifestations, confirmations and shifting’s when engaging with Joann in fellowship and prayer. This great book is a KEY that I believe will encourage and inspire many with her testimonies and cause many to triumph over tragedy. Joann has learned principles to help others be liberated. The pain of her trails has promoted her to walk in integrity, love and compassion for others. For those who have not read or got this anointed message. You are missing a appointed time of revelation, impartation and transformation.

    I sit with tears in my eyes as I read through the pages of this book. Joann is one of compassion and love for YHVH’s sheep. I see YHVH continuing to use her mightily to advance His kingdom for such a time as this.
    Love & honor you!
    Tamarah Ann


  • I appreciate Joann’s Tenacity and her endless love for YHVH. She truly is an overcomer. Her relentless courage will capture your heart, spring you forward to go higher with the Father. We have become good friends and I am blessed to have her mentor me  in the Judicial Court rooms in Heaven. She is passionate about teaching the “sons of G-d” to rise and shine ~Ginnette Thomas


  • We have known and loved our sister, Joann, for 2 years. Iron sharpens iron and in our relationship this is especially true.  Joann has ministered to us, prayed with us and counseled us in many ways unlike any other spiritual leader we have encountered.  There is a level of intimacy and trust we have cultivated with her along the way that continues to grow.  Joann walks in transparency and authenticity that is real but at the same time she stands by her convictions and stays true to her calling.  We experience much power and shifting in the spirit when engaging in prayer with Joann and always look forward to fellowship with her. We see awesome things in Joann’s future and are super excited that we get to be a part of her life, cheering her on, as she cheers us on as well. Keith and Shelly Lemon, Chickasha Ok USA


  • Joann has spent many years untangling from past hurts, bloodline iniquity, and engaging the fullness of our inheritance in the provision of Yeshua. With her in-depth discernment and extensive experience in administering the Kingdom of Heaven into the lives of believers, she offers a broad range of personal ministry and coaching options available so that every person–no matter what background–can experience freedom learn how to move in a deeper relationship with God.Each session is one-on-one so that all the focus and attention is listening and hearing God for your situation. Whether it be for deliverance, administering healing, petitioning the courts over a life circumstance, or cleansing bloodlines, Joann takes each person through the protocol and walks them step by step as they learn to engage the presence of God and see change in their lives.I scheduled a few ministry sessions with Joann and the power of God would routinely show up as we stepped in the heavenly realms together, creating an arc before the throne of God… Together we experienced the intimacy and power of heavenly realms and I witnessed the power and authority of Sonship.” Joann took my case of Leukemia before the courts, two days later I was free from 5 year long battle of Leukemia

-Jennifer L.


  • During personal ministry sessions, Joann receives direct downloads from Holy Spirit in the form of living Hebrew letters. As she receives these letters, they are translated into prophetic words that speak directly to the situation. Additionally, Yeshua will give her keys and strategies during these prayer sessions to break demonic strongholds and destroy the chains of darkness around your life. Book an appointment and take one step forward towards seeing radical change. After years of pouring my heart out to God for my brother, it took only one visit to the courtroom to move Heaven on his behalf. My brother felt the tangible fire of God enter him as he was sitting in a jail cell. Unbeknown to him at the time, Joann and I were in the court room of heaven calling down the fire and justice of God to inhabit him.

    – Anonymous


  • Thank you Joann Carpenter for your faithfulness to the mandate on your life and for loving us into our mandates! May God’s blessings overtake you quickly for all that you are pouring into us–so we can then pour out the Father’s love into others.-Karen R.



In addition to personal coaching, Joann also offers land cleansing and prayers to release the blueprints of Heaven over land. By appointment only, Joann will personally step foot on your plot of land and intercede to restore and cleanse the land based on the finished work of Jesus. In doing this, the blood of Jesus brings healing to the earth and restores the land back to its original mandate to be fruitful. For more information on land cleanse, invite Joann.