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PERSONAL Session: Slots for personal one on one are for one hour slots, Note:I recommend two hour minimum to wet your thirst towards achieving the goal your working towards. This is not a quick stop. However this is completely up to you and how serious you are to break out of your patterns and reach for success and or your need.

PERSONAL LESSONS: Yes personal coaching, it is personal and intimate designed around your personal calling in life, whether in your marriages or mother father son daughter preacher teacher self employed or into the market place etc…I will be walking you through the keys and protocols that will help aid you on your journey to discovering your blueprints over your life or your business so that you can be the very best you can be stewarding the life God has given you.  This will require you to be proactive.

Ever hear a preacher, boss or some kind of authority figure tell you what your suppose to be doing or even yourself, yet you have never been given the keys to set you up for success and if you have been given the keys, no one has shown you how to use them through applicable steps applying them on a daily bases?  I will give you the keys specifically designed and tailored for you personally and show how to apply those in different scenarios. No two are the same, however the government of heaven has a blueprint & protocol…Ever hear the scripture “On earth as it is in heaven?” You will begin to see a huge difference and take back your life from the enemy that is hell bent on your destruction

Then you will begin to see how everything is connected: your mind, will & emotions, your desires, past hurts, rejection, abandonment, anger and so many other factors are at play that have contributed to your inability to receive a breakthrough. I will walk you through these areas in your life so once and for all those things that hindered you will be crucified, smashing the head of hope deferred and confusion. Then what comes up is a forward focused goal oriented, power house that has stepped out of the box of limitations and onto a path without boarders. All of what I mention can and or will lead to physical healing. I have some testimonies of healing of Leukemia, Uterus, Legs, deliverance, governmental of this worlds affairs  and so many other miraculous testimonials. So allow me to take you into the courts of heaven and smash the legal hold on your lives.

TIME & DAYS: All times are based off of PACIFIC STANDARD TIME (SEATTLE) 8AM-8PM Mon-Friday. Some exceptions can be made for weekends on a case by case basis. Please Google Time Converter to see what time that would be for you and your part of the world.


HOW TO GET STARTED: EMAIL Me by clicking on contact link above.