Get your feet moving

It appears when we can not see our future, our nature tends to feel trapped in our own fears and limitations. Instead of trusting and enjoying the adventure with Yeshua, We begin to recognise our weakness and vulnerability in this world and it is at this point we can choose the highly deceptive “safe” path […]

Who do you follow?

I Love Truth as I am a Truth seeker, and therefore I say the following with a non compromising smile and conviction. What religious or world leader are we worshiping and making an idol in our heart to? There is a difference between giving a leader honor and respect, verses worshipping them, following their every […]


BASIC MOBILE COURT PROTOCOL _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: When finished with court it’s always a good idea to take communion from the heavenly side of the veil before the presence of the Lord declaring it is finished by His blood. Remember the Lord tore the veil from heaven to earth. We can enter through the torn veil […]