ASOG & Statement of Faith

Joann Carpenter with ASOG (Arising Sons of God)


Arising Sons of God, believe that YHVH’s true desire is for us to walk in sonship with Him. These are a people whom have a ferocious desire to serve YHVH, walk with and know Him by having a close intimate relationship with The Great I AM as His Holy Spotless Bride, deeply passionate and on fire for Him. They are those who yearn to embrace their eternal identities as co-inheritors standing as tall trees before the living water.

We believe we are called and chosen to walk in the Order of Melchizedek after YHSVH who is without genealogy, beginning or end. They are The Lords of THE LORD, Kings of THE KING–To ARISE AS SERVANTS SONS AND BRIDES. Some will take position in the Government of the Kingdom of Heaven, administering the blueprint of Heaven onto the face of the earth by stepping into the judicial courts of heaven and from there administer the the blueprint of heavens verdicts onto the face of the earth and into all of creation and multiverse. All will have a position as one body of Christ, serving one another in one form or another for the advancement of the Kingdom.

We are those who step into YHSVH who stands in the center of the four faces of YHVH (GOD) the Yod Hei Vav Hei–Lion Ox Eagle Man,which speaks of our position in Him, knowing in Him we live we move we breathe and have our very being living out of the expanse of the realm and multiverse of the center of creation. And by His blood and body we can walk now in our eternal state and not wait till we are no longer here. We are those who believe we shall not taste death.

We are a family whom wear shields of mutual honor, respect integrity. We recognize and embrace the different facets of YHVH in each of us. We are lovers of His presence, desiring to know the Father heart of what He has written over our lives called scrolls; To have a relationship & Intimacy with YHSVH, becoming that which we behold. It is in this state we can walk on the face of the earth releasing heavens blueprint over lands, people of land, businesses, in the heavens, on the earth, below the earth while we walk in His Glory spread His divine nature. His presence will command a thing to align with Him.

If you are wondering if you are being called and set apart and have some questions, then contact me.