California Fires vs. Release of the All Consuming Fire-It’s a sign

Word : California Fires vs. Release of the All Consuming Fire 🔥 It’s a sign

The timing of the California fires and the release of this “appointed time of His Fire” meeting, Lord called ” Kingdom Pyromania” is no coincidence. Heck the title in and of itself should give you the chills. I have a holy reverence and fear for our Creator

As you know, I have been advertising this past month of my upcoming meeting, here in California. As I had stated the Lord had given me the green light go to release His Spirit Fire and teaching.

There was going to be a direct imparting for those who were ready to completely give everything up to come underneath the tutor of this fire as I have.

I cancelled the meeting, after the devastating fires hit California. I instead have replaced by releasing a call, for all of you to step in, in prayer for Yahweh’s desires and compassion over their life and their loss.

The meeting was of major importance, as it is an appointed time. Father decides however the delivery in which it can start! It has begun.

Honestly when the Lord showed me this the other day, at the start of these natural fires, I was hesitant on saying anything at all. I was like no way do I release such a word right now Father. But my eyes are open to see the importance of why I am releasing the word. HIS LOVE!

The importance of the message and the timing of the message, is of most critical. It’s a now word. It is a prerequisite for the restoration of all things. Know this!

I had an amazing brother in the Lord message me earlier today, stating that he had seen the obvious as well. It was the nudge in the spirit from the Father I needed to release.

Let me share this. Since January I have been traveling over all of Western and Central United States releasing blueprints & spirit fire, while engaging the angels over the states and specific regions within the states.

As a direct result, signs appeared through weather patterns and natural events that have taken place in the different regions. People got ahold of me telling me their inheritance was given back to them restoration had begun.

His appointed time of  the release of His all-consuming spirit fire & blueprints, is no joke and should not be taken lightly as just another word.

This has been from my position in Him-The All-Consuming Fire! It’s a Sign and a Wonder for appointed times and seasons.

Let me explain a bit more about these blueprints & Fire. Lord really wants people to mature and walk in sonship and gain understanding. Behind the scenes OO7 kind of stuff. Allow us to explain through my testimony.

I have been to a place within the Kingdom of heaven, where the Creators original blueprints over all of creation and there appointed times and seasons rest.

It is from there I engage His blueprints, His breath has created through His Hebrew letters. Hence ” alive and active.” It is from there I administrate them into all of creation where they belong. It’s part of the scripture that says, “you can only do that what you “see” the father do.”

I was getting ready to teach this very position this weekend. I am releasing a bit now, I would have taught you. So important to know what we are being called to.

When you release the fire it consumes everything in its path that sets itself up against the will and purposes of Creators appointed times, blueprints and so forth over all of creation. It begins in our temple first.

We just have to remove our ideas and expectations of what that looks like. He is ultimately in control and a Mighty powerful all-consuming fire. He deserves reverence.

Man, you have made Him way too small and insignificant to your life. It is all about Him after all. It is not about our desires our wants, our haves and our have-nots.

Scary lame message that God says He just wants our happiness and whatever that may be. Good Lord, that’s a dangerous message. The Earth is the Lord’s and everything there of. Be very grateful He is a God of Love & Mercy.

⚠️ “Please do not twist and pervert this word in any way and try to fit it into your belief systems or mindset and use it as a weapon to use against your brother. It is weighty and of a great significance. Handle it with the reverence it deserves.

Do not be preaching condemnation and hate towards California or Yahweh’s creation. This is not something that impresses Him. He is a God of love & mercy.

Christ said I did not come to condemn the world but to save the world. His perfect will would be that none would perish He said.

So why is it that we continuously speak in death over people and His creation coming into agreement with what the enemy has deceived them into believing and walking in?

Because the carnal nature man is wicked twisting everything all the time. We are called to Speak Life.

When a prophet judges, we are to judge all that sets itself up against God’s desire, so that it can come into the light and be restored into life. Well people he is looking for Sons also that will take this position. But it will require that you will come underneath the fire first in order to learn to rightly judge.

This is part of the restoration of all things we are called to walk in as restores. That is love.

Now to the carnal nature of man who provokes the anger within the Creator because it sets itself up against the plans of God. The all-consuming fire is here and it will begin to purge His creation His people.

The Lord said in the last days I will call all things back to Myself except for the son of perdition which clearly states the carnal nature of man. So you can better believe it. He is not a God that should lie.

I judge the Creator as faithful to fulfill his word and Promises The Good The Bad and The Ugly.

⚠️Lord says, If my people will humble themselves, repent, meaning, (turn from your current Wicked perverted Twisted ways), I Lord will restore you. I Lord will restore all that the enemy has been allowed to take from you because you have given him access.

But if you don’t, I will continue to shake your foundations that you build your perverted desires on. Know if I God have not built it, then know it is sitting on shifting Sands and will fall.

If you have not built your foundations upon The solid rock, which is Yeshua and all that He stands for, I will come and take everything you have built and consume it.

Woe to those who have gained the whole world, even at the risk of losing your own soul and of those whom follow you.

Woe to you leaders that speak in My name, that have led many down the road widely traveled. I have a special fire awaiting to consume you. For I love you, I am jealous for you. You have set Idols & selfish desires above Me. You have set man above Me. Repent and return to your first love and I will restore you.

California my prayers are with you. I truly pray the eyes of your heart are opened to see the Father and just see who you were created to be. You are far greater than you have been deceived to believe of how you are to function.

Out of the ashes…