Deborah’s and Issachar Arise


This morning I heard the Lord call me to posture myself to receive. I retreated into my van where much of my time is spent in the presence of a very Holy Creator. “The Resting place.” I heard clearly, “Listen to the book Judges.”  I began to listen starting at chapter one. There for a bit I was questioning why as I was not getting anything. I thought maybe I was not listening well enough and perhaps I got it wrong.

He said, “keep going.”

It wasn’t until I got to chapter 4 did anything trigger. There it was-a drop of heavy holy presence filled up my body. I immediately knew the word He wanted to deposit deep within me was of great importance as the weight of it hit me. He began showing me through chapter 4 and 5 there was about to be a clarion call “as soon as I released this word” to His creation. This will usher in a call to arms for His Prophets Deborah’s who are called to judge righteously to arise and men and woman who carry the Issachar anointing to come along side her. This divine covenant is a power house team and Lord has secretly been preparing you for this day.

The Issachar anointing according to 1 Chronicles 12:32  From the Issacharites, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do: 200 chiefs with all their kinsmen at their command.” 

They most certainly stand as a witness of the time we are in, bring powerful life changing agreement, with powerful chiefs at their command to fulfill anything the task requires. With Deborah as a Judge, and Issachar at her side-Justice runs powerful through their veins. As they arise-this season will thrust us into the future. Like our beloved brother Kim Clement said, “I see you in the future, and you look much better, then you do right now.” He sure was loved and will be missed.

“This clarion call to arms, couldn’t happen at a better time.” Justice will prevail!

We are all witnessing chaos, and diabolical assignments unleashed. Greater than ever, Creators people are in great need of correction and direction as the lines of morality are blurred. People of faith are calling that which is wrong, right and that which is right, wrong. Their moral compass has a screw loose and sprung itself. They have been led to believe their own selfish happiness, wants and needs, and pleasing others lest they offend, is more important than Creators desires over their lives and the nations of the earth. Unfortunately Creators people were called to be standard bearers where all will be weighed and judged leading them in the ways of right and light.

We also have been witnessing the few in major position within the government and other places of powerful leadership, including religious leaders, foundations begin to be shaken. Whether they know it or not themselves, they are being used by the Creator such as POTUS, to release His desires throughout the world and are being persecuted. They have been prosecuted and persecuted, even by their own people because they understand not. The lines are blurred.

Father has seen many of you loyal cry out, asking for His Justice to prevail. Terrible things happening such as killing of unborn children. Child and adult sex trafficking, murdering of christians, destroying of the temples of G-d by removing His gender from them-thus Identities are being lost. Its part of this moral compass that has sprung itself.

Prophetess Deborah was a leader of many and she is making an appearance and is here to stay. Many of O/T would come to Deborah to be judged and ask for correction and direction. According to man standard, she was most unlikely, yet used mightily and they knew it. Deborah was used to save Israel from their enemy and themselves. Their enemy, Sisera, perished by the sword via her command and prophecy.

Judges 4:9  I will certainly go with you, but you should know from the beginning that this battle will not lead to your personal glory. The Eternal has decreed that the mighty Sisera will be defeated by a woman-Deborah.

Barak was commanded to go and defeat Israels enemy, but he forfeited his position and gave it to Deborah. Deborah advised him if he did not heed, she would be getting the glory. It was a humble thing for Barak to lay himself down and allow her to take her rightful powerful position of authority.Those who are last will be first the Lord said. Those of you who feel you have a right to position, yet are hesitant, step aside, and allow the Prophets of Justice to take their position. You need this mother. 

God will use the Deborah’s to accomplish His goals this season. Chapter 5:7 Deborah’s are being called to arise and be a mother to Creator’s people.Wake up, wake up, Deborah! Wake up, wake up, and sing!

Chapter 5:15 The chiefs of Issachar came with Deborah;Issachar was faithful to Barak, And they rushed into the valley, close at his heels.

YHVH says, this message is a Holy clarion call and command for the Deborah’s to awake and rise and take your positions as Righteous Judge of the earth. It is also a call and command for the generals carrying the Issachar anointing to rise up and stand beside her, joining forces for this season. Significant rapid shift and plumb line will be released into many Nations as a direct result of this holy union. The enemy trembles at this holy union, and knows he is defeated already. Watch for lofty positions, and desires of many to be exposed and dismantled and watch the correct version of the righteous reel to be established through out.