Interfacing With Creator Releases Electric Current-Word

We reside in Creator which stands in the center of all creation. We are with out border except that which we have created via our limited belief systems. These belief systems are keeping our souls in chains. I am going to release some picture’s that will act as a desensitize of the supernatural realm helping you get a grid.

We are spirit beings, emanating frequencies in a force field that surrounds us. As we interface with the Creator we also will interface with creation releasing that which we behold, i.e Creators frequency into another. We carry the very arch of Creator within us. This arch is a powerful force field of unbridled power if given a chance to be free in the hands of the Creator when yielded to Him. It’s not scary or weird, its AMAZING AND WONDERFUL part of the Creator within us.

When we are fully engaged with Creator, we are releasing His power that resides within this arch. “Power on.” People will be affected by this power. This is why it is important to keep a clear intent towards Creators creation. Lord said to me, “there will come a time where My people with be of very few words if any at all.” Well In both encounters I said nothing and they were caught up to align with Creators frequency.

 What I am about to tell you is happening more and more as there has been a supernatural shift that has occurred in this current season in all of creation. I was visiting a relative the other day. I was sitting at her table taking care of some kingdom business under His anointing in the unseen, when she walked over to me about 5 feet away and got caught up and was pulled towards me, being drawn by the current of my spiritual bubble.

“Boom” she gets hit by the frequency I release from my bilateral position of where I sit before the throne of Creator. I was operating out of that position, taking care of some Kingdom business that the natural eye would not know or see that I was doing anything. However in the spirit I was very active-007 kind of stuff. HA!. She immediately got a bit nervous, as she did not see this coming. She said, “that was weird-I stepped into a force field and was immediately brought into a temporary trance like and felt like I was no longer here.” HA-she wasn’t.

 There is an open heaven inviting us to seek and partake of the Kingdom of heaven so we can release heaven on earth. When you do accept the invitation, people around you will receive an importation as a direct result of your position in the Creator that was created via the powerful relationship of intimacy with Him.

Even science backs this claim of us being various currents, frequency, vibrations, electric currents. Telepathy and telekinesis works this way. Our thoughts carry frequency that can be picked up in the spirit and for those who are tuned in can catch whats happening. We have the ability to control our atmosphere as we are called to be atmosphere changers.

2 days following this encounter with one of my relatives, I had a dream encounter in the night or morning of the 8th of September. In this encounter someone walked into my sphere and they began to feel discombobulated. They had never felt the weight and power of Creators glory in this magnitude before. Honestly I don’t believe this guy even knew the Father. None the less he got caught up in the force field around me and put into a state of submission to His spirit.

This shield commanded a response I noticed. It drew him right to me until we were face to face. Then all the sudden we both could literally see in plain sight the electricity between our foreheads. I looked at him and said, “you can see that can’t you?” He nodded his head yes and said, “uh huh.”

He immediately pulled away and said, I can’t stand under this weight, I need to go lay down.” This attracted more people to sit beside me as they were drawn to the presence of Creator. So beautiful!

Learn to reside before the throne of Creator and you will release the frequency of heaven for all to see and get caught up in the current that resides around you. Creation will respond and take on this frequency as it will command a response. Its part of the restoration of all things. Blessings!