Luke 17:3 Forgive or not to forgive?

Hear Wisdom speak seeking her and you will find her truth.

Luke 17:3 has always caught my attention from the very first time I had ever laid my eyes on it. I carry a gift of forgiveness through all my rejection I have suffered at the hand of man. It has served both as a curse and an extreme blessing.

However when issues of my heart were not dealt with there were some parts of my heart forgiving because I did not want to be rejected. It wanted to be received regardless of their abuse towards me. However un-delt with the pain would build up unknowingly like a ticking time bomb.

One part of my heart was like cant we all get along in oneness and move forward. I love big because G-d has placed that heart in me to love unconditionally-thus you would not have to earn my love. However throughout the years I had to learn to distinguish the motive and intent of my heart when forgiving.

Then one day the Lord gave me this scripture. He truly was teaching me to guard my heart as it was important to Him for me to love myself as He found worth in me because He created me. He also wants to be G-d over their life. So perhaps we should step out of the way more often. He does love them after all.

Notice what it says, REALLY PAY ATTENTIONšŸ”„

“Take heed to yourselves. If your brother sins against you, rebuke him; and (IF) he repents, forgive him.”

Notice he says “if he repents forgive him.” The following scriptures says if he sins again even in repetition and he comes to you and repents forgive him. But no where does it say in this passage to forgive him if he does not repent to you.

A point was being drawn here. He didn’t follow up with forgive lest ye be not forgiven. He truly said “if he repents.” Even to the offender sin against the Son of God our savior we are saved under the blood through our repentance for which without we are not. Repentance is our defense.

How many people do you know personally that has sinned against you and you have come to them as you are told to, stating that you have been offended or hurt buy them and they emit no wrong done to you? Yet you in haste forgave them, recieved them back, for them to turn around and continue to do it without repentance? How do they learn or benefit? Have you become their savior?

It becomes a vicious cycle even you showing unconditional love. But let’s just say your unconditional love becomes tainted by the wrong motive as to why you are forgiving them so quickly? Could there be a hidden under line form of fear that is lying within your heart that is in fear of rejection abandonment or failure to be a savior?

I think we owe it to G-d to really Ponder this and meditate on this bringing it before wisdom to ask for guidance in this. Search my heart O Lord reveal to me any wicked way about me. Another words for Wicked is Twisted. Allow Him to realign your heart.Ā 
-Joann Carpenter