Submitting to one another by submitting to the Father’s desires first

First of all submit to the Lord above and beyond anything or anyone-no matter if the world is against you and what the Father has shared with you. This will get your focus on Him and not on you or others. Self-centered self focus is the enemies playground. Father focused is heavens playground and we become that which we behold as it becomes our source and supply. It will cause you to want the Father’s desires fulfilled in your life, your spouses, and or other lives and in all of creation. Perfect love will lay their life down regardless of outcome as you have faith in the Fathers plane. WIthout faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please Him,.  It is after all all about Him and not really about us. Without the fulfillment of His desires, creation goes into chaos. Man and their carnal nature tries to rise up above the Fathers thus it is and enemy against Him. If you truly love the Father you will want the original agreed up desire of the Father’s heart to come to pass over your wife, husband, children, your co-worker, enemy and so forth, rather than trying to control others based off of your emotions, or opinions.

Father says I knew you! I have chosen you as a ….before the foundations of the earth were laid.. Therefore….Wives & Husbands you are to look to the Father and ask Him what His desire are over each of your lives and submit to that. You have one Lord one master which each are held accountable to. Do not idolize and worship your spouse above the Father. Wrong order! You must hate the carnal nature in them in compared to how you Love the Father.

Wives Instead of asking your husband for a permission which is giving him way too much control setting him up to trump the Father’s desires over you, share with him what the Lord has asked you to do. Example: Lord asked you to join a prayer group or travel across the nation on a assignment..etc and that you are letting him know so he and you jointly together will submit to the Father and with the Father plane accordingly..(mutual honor) by honoring Father first over each others lives.

Husbands if you are submitted to the Father and love Him you will want His perfect desire over her life without control or hindrance over her by asking Him: Father what is your desire over her life, what did you two agree upon before coming? Help me be an obedient loving husband and son. Husband this will make you a good steward of the Father’s heart towards His daughter. Then trust Him and come up under your wife and submit to what Father has spoken to her and support His desires over her life, so that she can become the fulness of what she is called to. Lay your life down for Him thus her.

Wives same thing. Ask the Father what His original design is over your husband. Ask for wisdom and love to guide you and come under your husband and lift him up to the Father, supporting him so he can become that which the Father has called him to be. So Husbands share with your wife what Father is asking of to do, and together submitted to Father plan accordingly.

This kind of love, laying our very lives down for the Father is so pleasing and rewarding. Heavens culture is a culture of honor, love, submitting to the One who holds the Universe together. I tell you the truth this wonderful marriage with be recognized as Father Himself in heaven, and Father will find you both individually and together worthy to rest His shadow (power & provision of His names) over you. For you will sound and look like Him and all of heaven will come behind you and support that which aligns with the Father. You will look, taste, smell and sound like the Creator. All about Him!

Same with your children. Try not to micromanage them. Listen to the Father’s desires over them by listening to the direction of your children’s heart. He uses the heart as a navigator.  Come up under them and lift them to the Father teaching them how to fully submit to what the Father is doing in their lives. No matter the age, it is never too late to start.

When a enemy or contentious one afflicts you, instead of judging them and attacking back or justifying or explaining yourself, release love and light out of the position you are sitting in the Father. Submit to the Father and ask Him what His true desire over them is and what He believes them to be and come in agreement with that. Do not agree with what the enemies has duped them to believe. Then bless them which is asking the Father to release His original design and desire over their lives. This will release the angels over their lives to begin to fulfill the original plan over their life. How exciting for the Father to have all His desires mutually respected and honored.