From a trusted friend and brother in the Lords Kingdom. Note here he gave this to me to share as he knew it needed to be heard. Some of us are under extreme fire and are on the front lines of battle and some in the background battling things that are too large for the carnal mans mind to understand.Those who where first are stepping aside for those battling in the background. Bottom line is, no matter your position, the enemy trembles.
By Keith Lemon with Column of Light
Back in May 2015 I had a clear vision of the coming days of battle..  I was in the formations of the King’s battle lines but on the sideline sort of like being on the 50 yard line at a football game. From this place I saw that each warrior had full body armor of varying colors but all were metal.  Long Spartan-like spears and shields were the dominant weapon carried by each soldier.  I saw none on horseback- all were on foot.  The sky above was stormy with black, billowing clouds (The warring presence of the Father– see Psalm 18) rolling in from behind the Host and going ahead of them.
Out from the Host at random spots there began to step out from among them certain captains, maybe 20 in all, who were slightly taller than those around them.  As these moved forward through their ranks those in front moved to the side to provide a corridor of comrades.  These came to the front of the battle line and were to lead the charge.  I noticed two things about them.  First, that all on the field instinctively knew who they were and that they were commissioned by The General, Jesus, to be in their place.  Second, they were the fiercest of the Host, like lions ready to devour their enemy.
As  these commanders were moving to the front lines my attention was drawn to one, in particular,  a mighty warrior with burnished titanium looking armor sauntered casually, confidently to the front. The eyes of the men around him as he passed by told me that they knew him and that he was battle-hardened, seasoned and fully fit to lead the host into battle.  The twinkle in their eyes and the smile on their faces gave him away.  They were fully confident in him and eager to race into the enemy to cut them down, knowing he had their back.   As he passed through them his long grisled, grey hair was flowing out from under his helmet and blowing in the wind of the gathering storm.   Just then as I took note of the hair color and length I realized to my wonder, “This isn’t a man.  This is Joann!!”
Immediately my attention was turned to the right side of the valley.  There were millions of fierce, ugly demons in somewhat of a tight unit and formation.  As the front line and many in the midst saw these commanders move forward they began to fidget.  Several of them, upper ranked demons, who were watching Joann in particular began to really quiver.  They began feverishly looking around for a place of hiding because they had dealt with her before in some capacity or heard of others who tangled with her and they wanted no parts of her.  One demon began peeing on himself in utter terror and throwing his weapons down began scurrying backwards through the lines.  Simultaneously dozens, then hundreds of  other demons began to shriek and throw their weapons down and scurry to the back of the front line.  I didn’t see them pee on themselves but their legs and feet were glistening so I figured it out.
One last time I turned back to see the effect of this on the Host of God. There they were, standing tall and firm waiting for the imminent order for full attack.  I could actually feel the courage and power of the commanders blazing out through their armor and passing through the Host.  They were an unstoppable army who were about to decimate the enemy and they knew it.Then my vision faded and I was back in the washroom at home.