Personal letter to those who are without honor in their home

Those who are walking through extreme fire in their own home, are taught to look to God only for comfort and a sanctuary to escape. It should not come as a surprise why many are facing this. Isn’t Jesus who said In Mark– “The only place a prophet isn’t honored is in his hometown, among his relatives, and in his own house”?

They, if yielded, will learn to rest on the breast of Christ, in true intimacy. Power and Authority is birthed from this place. Your true Identity will be birthed. You are being without a doubt & unequivocally, trained by the hand of God, to become a standard, of His non compromising Justice & Love. In a world that is rebellious, and undeserving of His mercy, we are a tool, perfectly fashioned for His hand. These are those who are made to shine the brightest.

If this is you, please do not lose hope. Message me if you need hope to arise in you. Continue to look to Him and not your circumstances. This is not happening to you for nothing, there is a reason, and you will see the vindication of God, over your life, if you do not lose hope. I too am no stranger to this fire. I am thankful the Father has taught me to conquer this mountain and force the enemy to bow to the authority given to me. In love I say “Arise and Shine”. ~Joann