We are witnessing Winds of Change


No doubt Winds of Change are here from the North to the South, East to the West. Know this “The bowl is full” the records of the innocent and righteous and even all of creation have been crying out for their breakthrough and for recompense, has been heard and the “bowl is tipping”. We are witnessing nature responding to the heavenlys, the enemy is protesting. But no fear for those on the path, who have made ascending into the heavenlies part of their life, knowing where they are sitting , which is the table the Lord has prepared for them in the presence of their enemy called the table of wine, where true rest and authority is given out of that intimacy. The battle is the Lord’s and the victory is ours. Those who remain on earth in their thinking, ministering, warring and praying from their earthly positions will not be so fortunate, and will be caught up by the cares of this world and they could miss the Winds of Change. UNLESS you heed this word and have not forsaken YHVH and you jump on the path quickly determining it in your heart, wavering not. 

YHVH is releasing His JUSTICE, bringing recompense into many lives. Expect the unexpected closures of current circumstance whether relational, jobs, spiritual, political, religions, ministries and more and expect new doors of opportunities, new love, unity, and even separations will be that of the Father. New connections, new responsibilities, new resources will come to you to perform whatever the Lord has you doing. He will not lead you to a new season without equipping and providing for you. Some of you it will require you to step out in faith before seeing the fruit. And some of you it will be in your face pow! Again all of the above requires trust and intimacy in the Lord, from a place of rest, knowing its coming. Its coming to those who have been declaring “Blessed are those who do not see yet believe” They have not given up on Him and their faith.

Remove your idea of what it will look like and how it will come. It will hinder you and your new season if you box YHVH and yourself in limiting Him to how He can move in your life. If you so choose to dictate your own terms, it may cause your season to be aborted. Remember, it is not about you or me, it is about the Lord and His desires, therefore we need to have our focus off of our wants, needs, victories, failures and desires and put it on the Lord and His desires and that will change everything. Our first command is Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven. Which means keep your focus on Him and the Kingdom of Heaven and your Kingdom identities and that will be what will multiply in and around your life. Focus on the cares of this world and that is what you will reap.

Expect the change of guard in leadership. Those who were first for many years, will now be removed from the Frontline, and those who were last or catching the dust off the robes of the priests are now or will be soon surpassing them with new anointing and Revelation of YHVH that will come from their deep intimacy with the Father. If those who were first should grab a hold of this new winds of Revelation from those they once lead, they too will experience these winds. But if they refuse because of their belief systems or pride or simply choose not to, then they will not experience this new dispensation and some will go home or simply be a witness on the side lines. The winds are here and coming in great measure whether your ready or not.

Those who will or are experiencing the Winds of Change are those who are a peculiar people, they who have been strengthened tried by the fire, who have studied to show thyself approved. These are those who have gained understanding of the deep hidden mysteries of YHVH. These are a people who’s desire are not for themselves, or religions and are not caught up by their circumstances, rather their eyes are on the Father and His desires He has over their lives and all of creation, and they are eager to see them fulfilled, bringing joy to the Creators heart. Their joy will be stepping into the presence of Yahweh (YHVH), standing by faith in Yeshua (YHSVH) stepping through the torn veil into the Kingdom Realm of Heaven to spend time with the Lord. They are those who also are willing to experience every realm and dimension of the heavenlies as the sit in the Father.

This is a season of deep intimacy with the Lord, He is wooing many into His heart. Winds of Change will not happen for you if you do not desire intimacy with the Father. NO self centeredness!  Answer while He may be found. Get on the path now and dont worry where you are on the path, just get on it and deal with the pains of your past and current or you may find yourself missing the Winds of Change because you are focused there and not on Him. Father says, cry out for my grace, and I will bring you help and I will divinely enable you to move, crushing hope deferred. Many who struggled to be intimate with the Lord due to the unjust treatment to your heart, will be given divine connections to help walk straight into your freedom. This will allow you to forgive and love again and there you will be able to embrace the Fathers love. You who could not feel His anointing His presence will begin to experience Him on a whole new level I call divine ecstasy. YHVH will play catch up with you. Read Isaiah 61 and declare this over lives.

Hope deferred will be crushed. Let hope arise, grab a hold of the plow, and do not look back. Keep your eyes on the Lord, making your mission to see His desires fulfilled over your life number one. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and His Righteousness, which in Christ we become the righteousness of YHVH, Loving Him with all of your heart your mind your soul your spirit and your body and everything He needs in and around your life, not what you need around your life, but what He needs in and around your life will come to that place of honor, intimacy, and position. The Winds of Change that are here and coming will bring you into your future playing catch up, replacing that which the enemy has taken.

Get ready, get ready it is here.

Joann Carpenter- Life Coach with Arising Sons of God