Are you disappointed in God?



Are you disappointed in God and His presumed inability to meet your expectations? If so you maybe be carrying unforgiveness towards Him while projecting your self-centered performance issues. This most certainly will prevent you from walking in your God given path. Get back on the path to righteousness through recognizing your hearts thought pattern and act accordingly. Seek the help of those whose hand is extended such as ASOG and many others that stand on behalf of the Father because you are not alone, we are part of the heavenly body in Yeshua.

First thing you need to recognize and do:

-Seek the help of Heavens family to help you get on the path to freedom

-Forgive God full of remorse

-Be the living sacrifice

-Be the living 10%

– You need to (learn) to get over yourself putting Him first. Yes it is a learned process. He has given us tools to build that bridge between you and Him and His name is Yeshua.

-Recognize It is not even about you, me or all of creation, its All about HIM and His desires He wrote over us and creation before the foundations of the world was laid and you agreed upon it and the plans He has for us are for good and out weight anything you could ever think or imagine.

-Learn to honor the creator with conscientiously, sub-conscientiously  surrendering your mind, will, emotions, deeds, your body, doing everything unto Him. 

-Be a representation of heavens integrity, purposely taking the higher way, standing on His principles and not the carnal nature of mans ways. Be in the world not of the world. Be the representation of Heavens Kingdom. 

-When you pray remove any human carnal expectations of what an answered prayer looks like, otherwise you are asking out of fear, control and self seeking. He is not a genie in a bottle called your own boxed carnal thoughts.

-Seek Him first, His Kingdom and your Kingdom Identities in Him & Yeshua and His righteousness, which in Christ you become the righteousness of God, and everything HE needs around your life to advance His purposes will be given to you such as resources, connections, tools and so forth.

-Come to His courts with shouts of praise and worship, and take care of your junk, your DNA record in the courts of heaven and watch a whole new world open up for you.

**As you do these few steps of many, watch God open up the window of heaven and pour a blessing out on you.