Hope Deferred? Consider Job.

Here I will give you something to hook your eye on which is hope during trials suffered. Some of the most powerful moments in your life is the fire you walk through; walking through the driest valley of the shadow of death. You feel like you’re being buried and forgotten and questioning why would God forsake you like this. How could He put me here and then forget about me and allow me to suffer like this? How could He give me everything then take it away along with my hope? This spirals into questioning your calling.

Job knew of suffering more than anyone. He had everything then it was taken. Yet he did nothing to deserve it to be taken away. Or did he? Yes he was so faithful and grateful, loved God more than his family and his own life and complained not when it was gone. God was able to allow satan to test his faith to prove Jobs unfailing love. Satan wanted him to waver in his faith and give up on God. But instead Daddy got to hold him up smiling very proudly in front of the adversary, that his son Loved Him despite the trials and affliction and the possessions, for it was not the comfort that drove him to Gods heart– rather they had a RELATIONSHIP. That was Jobs true possession!

Our lives are not our own, rather for the Lord’s purposes, even to the point of God proving to the enemy that if you lost everything or was chosen to walk a life with nothing, that you had everything when you had His presence and love. This is a Fathers bragging rights.  A jewel in His crown, that He gets to wear you proudly. And in the end after standing firm through the trials you will receive everything the enemy stole from you and then some.

When hope deferred sets in then you feel nothing is moving, feeling stagnant and the pain is unbearable. You want to give up yet you hold on somehow, then you turn and praise Him for it, because if you can have a unwavering heart towards God. It is at this point  you will give Him the bragging rights to wave you as a living sacrifice in the face of the enemy. PRAISE THE LORD He found your heart true to Him. He is waving you before the enemy like He did JOB.

All things– all trials and triumphs– were for His glory. During those times of trials, some seem endless, hook your eyes not on what the enemy would have you focus on which is meaningless temporal stuff, pain and so forth, rather hook your eye on the Lord and His mercy, goodness, grace, provisions, trials of many kind that will strengthen you. Use them as a springboard into the presence of God, into your eternal image. Use your circumstances to drive you deeper into the presence of God where He awaits to reward you with all that you seek, revealing to you your true purpose and identity in Him.

Do I sound redundant? Good because I can not say it enough. So whose life is it, yours or His? He loves you and awaits for your eye to be hooked on Him the eternal God who is more than able and willing to give you far above anything you could ever hope or imagine for.