Two Simple Ways To Deal With The Accuser


The dust of the earth that satan has been given is our UNREPENTED sin– not just our lives but also in our DNA from our generational lineage. Satan stands before the court night and day to accusing on this basis.

Ever hear the statement “It’s generational!”  “It runs in the family!” “…the sins of the father” and so forth?   Also science has proven that trauma is carried from parent to child —carried in the cells containing the record.

Enter boldly the court of heaven beside our great advocate surrounded by the 7 spirits of God that stand as a witness to your life. Acknowledge the canopy of angels that sit over the throne of God, the great cloud of witnesses, the men in white linen, the heavenly host, the 24 elders, the Lord.

Call the accuser into the court room and allow the Holy Spirit to bring to your awareness  just exactly what the enemy is accusing you of before the courts and be quick to agree with the accuser, thus bringing it under the blood of the finished work of the cross, disarming him.

Hear the offense, agree with out explaining and justifying yourself. (That is never ever a good idea for the Father see the deeper things of mans heart and things will come up from your bloodline that you may have no knowledge of…)

Ask the Lord to judge you with HIS GRACE and then turn and judge your enemies.

Petition the courts for your inheritance to be redeemed and restored that our enemy, the thief,  has taken from you.  Wait for the verdict and for papers to be handed to you. Release the angels to bring forth verdict and administer the petition. Angels can only do what aligns with the Fathers will.

This is really simple, straight-forward and not complicated.

Keep it simple.



Here is an on-the-go, every day in-the-moment, keeping a short record kinda deal…

The accuser is accusing you or harassing through people around your life, simply say, “Ok Im sorry.” NOTE:  You are not say exactly you agree with what he is saying or from the spirit he is speaking from, you are saying ‘I agree’ so you can repent– bringing it under the blood where it will disarm him.

So you purposely say “Ok I’m sorry”, and then see yourself standing before the Lord, and say “Lord with whatever measure that I am being judged and accused harassed that pertains to me, judge me from there, and now Lord go pick a fight with my adversary my accuser.


You did not react in your flesh, you surrendered it to Lord and therefore the accuser now is no longer fighting with you, they are fighting with the very presence of GOD.

C’Mon let’s not offense and accusation of the enemy stand between you and God’s protection.