Journey for Creator with Joann- Blueprints- Fire- Destinies- Join and see what the blaze is going on


Take this journey with me and sow a one time or monthly “if-“

   -If you are being fed or feel inspired by any of the revelation (seeds) I have freely given on social media and or any of my blogs, on this sight under the tab “Joann’s Blog” or even one on one.

-If you believe the messages (seeds) I bring (teach) on the kingdom court protocols and positional prayer protocols I have provided in my material whether books, blogs, videos or social media wherever I go.

I can not do this journey without those sowing into the seed sower. Stand and take this journey with me, as I release His fire & blueprints across the USA and abroad like a crop duster-their released everywhere I go out of my obedience for Creator. Let me explain and teach you about this crop dusting of blueprints and fire. I would be honored to lead a class. I do this for Him over your lives and all of creation. The fruit is there.

Lets connect for revival as we are the revival by connecting when I am on the road and let’s party and legislate. Kingdom awaits our connection. Allow me to continue to release Creators original design and intent over your life personally, your ministry, businesses and all of creation.

Many testimonies from people who witnessed court with me and they moved spiritually or financially. Many contending for land or businesses or marriages and breakthrough came. Many witnessed fruit when prayer and court protocol were engaged over the problems of the world..i.e sex trafficking, isis, and many other things. I’m here to help not to take from your platforms.

So help me fulfill His mandate and Creators desire for your lives and all of creation by sowing into me as I am literally on the road driving all across the USA at current. Message me if you want to host me.

Here are the two ways to sow into me or purchase my books. Also email me your details when you do. or