Journey for Creator with Joann- Blueprints- Fire- Destinies- Join and see what the blaze is going on

Author & Minister Joann Carpenter


  The messages (seeds) Joann brings as she co-works with Creator are purely new fresh manna. Such are the hidden mysteries of the kingdom i.e…..court protocols-judicial legislation, positional prayer protocols from the throne of Creator administering the restoration. She is bilateral as she sits in Christ celebrating and experiencing the multi dimensional-multifaceted creation and from with in that position she operates. She is a prophet that is being taught the paths of ancient. Such deep revelations are hidden in His word that no eye has seen no ear has heard and are provided for those who are willing to see. You will experience some of this knowledge & Insight she has obtained through intimacy with Creator in her material or if you meet her in person. She has not only a gift of healing but also has been taught to expose the root reason for the affliction and deal with it at a judicial level. She is a very intimate minister of the Gospel of Restoration, Love and Hope.

She can not do this journey without her Kingdom family because it has been revealed to her the importance of the oneness of the body of Christ. She celebrates the unique diversities of the Creators multifaceted in each person. She is providing an opportunity to stand in our Kingdom position uniting kingdom family as one and take a leap of faith and go on this journey together. She releases His fire & blueprints across the USA and abroad like a crop duster out of obedience & great love for Creator desires over all of creation. Allow her to explain and teach you about this crop dusting of blueprints and fire she has been releasing the visible fruit is there.

Lets connect as the living revival’s, by connecting and let’s party and legislate. Kingdom awaits your connection. Allow Joann to continue to release Creators original design and intent over your life personally, your ministry, businesses and all of creation by inviting her.

Many testimonies from people who witnessed court with Joann. They moved spiritually or financially receiving their fresh breakthrough and release.. Many contending for land or businesses or marriages and breakthrough came. Many witnessed fruit when prayer and court protocol were engaged over the problems of the world..i.e sex trafficking, Isis, and many other things. I’m here to help not to take from your platforms.

 If you are being fed or feel inspired by any of the revelation (seeds) Joann has freely given on social media and or her blog on this sight under the tab “Joann’s Blog” or even one on one-please consider sowing a love offering.

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