Hello my name Is Joann Carpenter, I live a ascended lifestyle and I am part of the One body of Christ as a self published author, public motivational speaker, teacher, prophet, minister, outreach via feet on the ground and in the government of heaven as a administrator of heaven’s resources called a philanthropist. Most importantly I am a mother of three amazing beautiful daughters “Shaylena, Zerine and Alexandria” for which is my greatest honor, privilege and love.

I am a former addict of drugs anywhere from cigarettes- cocaine & sex living a rebellious lifestyle. I am a survivor of abuse, rejection, addictions and religiosity. “I AM A OVERCOMER”

Lord has assigned to me many magnificent angels. It has been a joy to work side by side with the angels in many different assignments in all of creation. I also have been assigned 3 different heavenly scribes with the Living Hebrew letters to inspire His Kingdom Truths. Whether it be when I speak or write a book, declarations or teachings, they are very present and permanently apart of me. As I delve deeper into the heart of G-d, the reality of the Fathers Living Letters become more clear, producing profound fruit for Him to receive the glory. For truly it is all about Him and not us at all. We have the honor and privilege to partake and co labor with the King of kings and Lord of lords.

I have been mandated, equipped and called according to His glory and purposes to train and equip and join other likeminded “Kingdom dwellers” as “One body” to release the Father’s original blueprints over all of creation i.e.. a person(‘s) life, cities, towns of the 7 mountains of influence internationally which includes religion-agriculture-education-government-media-arts & entertainment-business from at the root level according to heavens blueprint. If you have been promised any of the above inheritance such as: land, riches of the land, business, ministries, having unfulfilled prophecies, restoration etc.. that were meant for the advancement of the kingdom of heaven and you are waiting for the manifestation, perhaps I can help as we come together as one body. We need each other profoundly as we all carry a piece of the puzzle and facet of G-d. No more one man show.

I have been mandated, equipped and called to teach His bride to walk a virtuous, holy as a spotless bride-perfected in all her ways, making Yeshua King over our lives. I have had the honor to co labor with Christ to teach His bride how to walk in His power via the judicial system of heaven -meeting whatever the need may be, whether restoration of sickness, addiction, overcoming one’s old mindset of religion, poverty, victim mentality and many other areas of your lives as you discover your blueprints through “Navigating The Ashes” of your life.

Please consider joining me as co laborers and sow into the outreach and advancements of the Kingdom worldwide. I am currently being asked to relocate from Seattle Washington to the southern/Central USA after the first of January 2018. I will be writing another book during a much needed sabbatical in Colorado after my departure in Jan. I will be meeting many new connections and receiving divine heavenly resources that will provide a way to fulfill many new assignments on the soil of this land and land abroad seeing them come into their fulness. I will be a part of the body of Christ that will co labor with Christ releasing lands, churches, businesses and so on that have been held in captivity, poverty of spirit and financial, witnessing the release of their original blueprint as we begin to administrate heavens blueprint.

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